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M.Sc. Computational Engineering and Technical Physics

In this Computational Engineering and Technical Physics Programme from LUT University you will acquire extensive knowledge about physics and mathematics and computing and their application to the rapidly changing problems of industrial and economic life.

Quick Facts

Duration: 2 years
Start Date: September 2020
Tuition Fee: €10,000 per year
Location: LappeenrantaFinland

During the Computational Engineering and Technical Physics Programme from LUT University you can specialise in one of the three areas – Technomathematics, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition and Technical Physics.

Key facts:

You will learn what is new in data processing and uncertainty quantification, computer vision or material physics. You will solve real-life industrial and socio-economic problems cost-efficiently using computational tools.

You will specialise in material design and optimisation, simulating complex systems and improving their functionality, or in creating algorithms transforming big data into knowledge. These are the skills which you can apply in your future career to find novel solutions to challenges in today’s information society.

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“The best part of my student experience at LUT was that I found many friends from different countries and cultures, and learned how to cooperate with them on several projects.”

Poorang Vosough // From Iran // LUT Alumnus

Programme Structure

  • Technomathematics

In Technomathematics you will study modelling of industrial and environmental processes, fuzzy systems, and developing mathematical models and methods. 

During your studies, you will focus on real-world applications, with active collaboration in the international community of industrial mathematics.

  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

In Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition you will study information processing, both in systems and in their design. You will focus on computer vision systems and machine learning contributing to the current trends in automation. 

You will get good competencies in the development of information processing systems, automation for production and application utilising visual quality control.

  • Technical Physics

In Technical Physics your studies will focus on materials physics, nanophysics, semiconductors, superconductors, spintronics and optical measurement technologies.


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