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M.Sc. Mechatronic System Design

In the Master’s programme Mechatronic System Design at LUT University you will be familiarized with design and simulation of modern mechatronic machines, which are comprised of mechanical system, power transmission (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic or hybrid and digital control system.

Quick Facts

Duration: 2 years
Start Date: September 2020
Tuition Fee: €10,000 per year
Location: LappeenrantaFinland

Intense competition is putting pressure on machine builders to deliver machines with higher output, reduced operating cost, and increased safety.

Increasing demands on the productivity of complex systems, such as manufacturing machines, requires the application of new methods in the product development process. Mechatronic system design is gaining popularity in the machine design process and it is a key approach in the product process of productive life cycle efficient machines.

During the Master’s programme Mechatronic System Design at LUT University you will learn about environmentally conscious design and development of new technologies to solve current and future global problems. Your study curriculum will also include functional principles of sustainable machines such as electric drives, and you will learn how to design them.

In this programme you will acquire extensive knowledge in the fields of design, hydraulics, control, dynamics and the simulation of machines. You will also become familiarised with programming and the application of numerical methods, both required in different fields of mechanical engineering.


Graduates from Mechatronic System Design Master’s programme play a key role in developing more advanced products and modern technology.

Your expertise will enable you to work in research and development projects in global industry. Regardless of the industry or location of the machines and systems being developed, designed, and manufactured, you will possess the knowledge and skills to be part of the product development process.

The sustainability of engineering work is taken carefully into consideration and is a key factor in any future innovations.

On the development side, you will acquire an understanding of efficient and sustainable design processes, you will be able to use the most appropriate design and simulation tools, and you will obtain experience that you will need to work as a project manager in research and development projects.

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“The best part of my student experience at LUT was that I found many friends from different countries and cultures, and learned how to cooperate with them on several projects.”

Poorang Vosough // From Iran // LUT Alumnus

Courses included

  • Research methods
  • Structural materials
  • Industrial manufacturing processes
  • Reliability engineering design
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Mechatronics


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